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QWinFF is free software; it needs your contribution!
There are several ways to help the development of QWinFF:

Source Code

The git repository of QWinFF is hosted on GitHub.
You can clone the repository anonymously by the following command:
git clone 'git://'


Translating Online

Translation files of QWinFF are hosted at Transifex. In order to translate translate on Transifex, you have to register for a Transifex account.

Translating Offline

If you want to translate offline, you can download the latest translation package from the Download page. If the translation package already contains your target language, just fill in missing translations in that file. If you’re going to translate to a new language, please base your work on qwinff-new-language.ts. You may also want to download Qt Linguist to help you edit the translation file. If you insist on editing the file manually, please read Translator’s Notes first. Once you are done, please mail the translation file to and we will upload it to Transifex.


Installation package of QWinFF is currently available for Ubuntu (ppa), openSUSE and Fedora (obs). Packaging for other distros still needs to be done. Also, we would be very glad if anyone can push QWinFF into the official repositories of any distribution.


Currently, QWinFF is available only on GNU/Linux and Windows. If you are familiar with Qt application development on other operating systems, please help us port QWinFF.

Writing Documentation

User documentation of QWinFF is still a work in progress. The source files are hosted on GitHub. It is written using Sphinx Documentation Generator and published using GitHub Pages. You can contribute to its content by sending pull requests on GitHub.